An allegory for almost literally everyone

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved baskets and had many in his shelter.

One held his hunting tools and another held his small store of dried meat. Another held a stack of sleeping furs. One small basket held the animal…

We now live in a world that doesn’t distinguish between experts, morons and conspiracy theorists.

The destruction of the building that housed my former newspaper for more than 100 years. It’s now a graveled lot.

In a country with freedom of speech as well as millions of morons, there needs to be some kind of system that sorts through the voices. We have brilliant thinkers, ordinary citizens who just want…

To anti-patriots, the symbol is more important than our values.

How to Tell Patriotism From Anti-Patriotism

I write this in the waning days of either my America or of Trump’s. It is less than one week from the election and I don’t know what kind of country this will be. …

Here’s how to escape all those bad influences and get back to the Good Old Days

The world is full of bad influences, and it’s up to you to remain vigilant. Here’s how to keep you and your family safe.

Look out for subversive books!

Too Much Schooling

You can’t trust colleges, because they will…

Ginger, about two months before she died.

My dog, Ginger, died on July 20, 2020. My family made the difficult decision to end her life when she stopped eating and had trouble walking. She was an ornery little beagle mix we adopted from a shelter in 2003, and she was thought to be at least a year…

It would probably tell you it’s all going to be OK, and then you could eat it.

A loaf of my sourdough, bread in a cloche.

Five years ago, my job as the editor of a small daily newspaper came to an end during one of many rounds of layoffs.

The death of my career was expected, but that…

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

— Ben Franklin, who was not talking about Covid-19

A used N-95 mask, seen from the inside.

Militant conservatives are re-defining the effort to fight COVID-19 as a matter of personal fear: If you’re afraid, go ahead and stay home…

Michelle Teheux

Lover of literature. Blogger at Unbranded. Writer of genre fiction. Former newspaper editor. Fascinated by everything.

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